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About Ennov

Ennov - High-End Technological Solutions

Ennov Infra Solutions is an integrated infrastructure and turnkey service providing company i.e. Designing, Manufacturing, Supply, Installation, Commissioning & Testing. It is a part of the Rs 500 crores plus "Ennov Group" of companies. The various companies operating under the Ennov group are:

  • E-PACK Polymers, Greater Noida
  • Ennov Techno Tools, Greater Noida
  • E-Durables, Dehradun
  • Ennov Infra Solutions, Greater Noida

Ennov focus on "Quality, Cost, Delivery & Service" by strictly conforming to the international standard ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

ENNOV Earthing System" - TECHNOLOGY

Ennov Infra Solutions specializes in "Chemical Earthing System" or "Maintenance Free Earthing System". Earthing is essential and important for the safety of human lives and equipments. Hence, after consistent research and development we have developed an efficient and effective earthing technology.

Ennov Earthing System makes sure safety of equipments from voltage surge and transients by arresting damages to highly sensitive equipments which can be caused by inadequate grounding performance. Ennov Earthing Electrodes are highly secured, stable and reliable in all adverse environmental conditions. It is 100% maintenance free and have a long life expectancy. The existing traditional type of Earthing system needs to be changed every 3-4 years and uses salt, coal, etc. which gets washed away over a period of time but Ennov Chemical Earthing System is completely maintenance free and has a life of more than 20 years.

Ennov Earthing Electrode is an ultra efficient low surge impedance grounding system. It provides the desired low maintenance interface with the real earth by continuously conditioning the surrounding soil. It is a corrosion free grounding system ideal for all types of soil conditions. With strong teams' support, Ennov Chemical Earthing System has been applied in over 500 projects worldwide.

Ennov Chemical Earthing System meets international standards of BS-7430, IEEE-80, IEEE-142, UL-467, IS-3043 and various tests of national authorities have been tested and verified. Our product is also approved by CPRI and RDSO.